Treatment methods that increase patient satisfaction in oral and dental health, which directly affect the quality of life, are increasing day by day. Thanks to quadruple implant treatment defined as All On Four or All On 4, toothless patients get to enjoy full set of fixed teeth.

What Is All On 4 Implant Treatment?

All On 4 implant treatment is a procedure that allows the restoration of fixed full jaw prosthetic on 4 implants embedded in a surgical operation surgeries.

When and How is it applied?

It can be applied in all patients who do not have any health problem that could not allow dental implant procedure, have ample bone mass and have lost all their teeth (full toothless).

A detailed clinical and radiological examination is made prior to the treatment. Differently from traditional implants, it is positioned in a different manner in the mouth. This procedure involve surgical and dental prosthesis procedures, which includes the placement of 4 dental implants on the patient on the day of treatment. Temporary dental prostheses are fixed on dental implants and the patient can begin to use temporary dental prostheses on the same day.

2 implants are placed at 90-degree angle in the area where the anterior jaw bone becomes thicker while 2 other implants are placed at 45-degree angle in the posterior jaw bone, followed by the placement of bridges and crowns on the implants.

How long does the treatment take?

In the treatment of All On 4 implant, which is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, temporary prostheses are placed on the same day and permanent prostheses are fixed in 3 months. The duration of treatment is 3 months from the scheduled treatment date.

What are the Pros and Cons?

    • All On 4, which is a highly successful treatment method, is a procedure which allow completely toothless patients to have permanent teeth.
    • In as short as 3 months’ time, the patients get to enjoy fixed teeth and continue their lives with a healthy mouth structure.
    • Compared to conventional implant treatment, it is more affordable for a patient who is completely toothless or likely to become toothless.
    • It is effective in preventing bone loss.
    • The healing process is short and painless.
    • Speech and chewing functions will improve.
    • Patient develops a self-confidence in esthetical terms.

What are the possible problems?

All On 4 implant treatment, in which the patients never remain toothless since the beginning of the treatment, is a procedure performed by specialists in a clinical environment. It is the most successful implant technique performed in a short time and no problems are encountered. In patients with insufficient bone and gingival tissue, treatment will begin once the bone and tissue formation is completed. If a prosthesis fracture occurs during the use of temporary prosthesis, the dentist should be consulted immediately to prevent possible implant loss.


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