Implant-Supported Prosthesis

These are implant supported prostheses place on top of implants, as fixed and removable prosthesis type.

Fixed or removable prostheses can be made by anchoring against the implants, which are the perfect tooth replacement method for completely toothless mouths. Implants which increase the anchorage of removable prostheses serve as fixed support (anchorage point) for the bridge or crown as titanium artificial tooth roots embedded into the jawbone. Implants are preferred in case of one or more missing teeth, owing to their robust and durable features as well as perfect adaptation to the body.

When and how is it applied?

Implant-supported dentures are much easier and more comfortable to maintain and use as against the removable denture which are difficult to use. Designed so as to be removed by the patient, removable prosthesis is also preferred as the prosthesis closest to the natural tooth.

It is applied to the patients who have no teeth or partially missing teeth. They are custom-made in lab environment and shaped to the tooth structure of the individual.

What are the advantages?

Implant-supported prosthesis that prevents the loss of bone tissue is a prosthesis type that does not wear away the adjacent teeth, helps the patients regain self-confidence thanks to the new smile and aesthetic look and is used for many years owing to its robustness. The treatment is completed in 3-6 sessions and no complication is observed during and after the operation.


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