Gum Aesthetics

Gum aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetics, is the procedures applied to the gums for a healthy, harmonious with the teeth, aesthetic and appealing smile, without a age restriction.

 When is it applied?

Gum aesthetics, which is as important as gum health, is studied in a number of fields from swelling and bruising caused by gingivitis to the cases where gums are excessive. Gingival recession, asymmetry, stained or dark gums lead to an unpleasant look as they become visible during smiling. Besides, gum levels in various sizes disturb the patients as an aspect affecting the aesthetics.

What are the advantages and side effects?

  • Applied after a thorough examination, gum aesthetics offers many advantages, especially in the prevention of tooth loss.
  • It prevents dental inflammation
  • The teeth are made to fit the patient’s mouth structure.
  • It provides self-confidence as aesthetic concerns go away.
  • Dental tissues become healthy, and bleeding gums and mouth sores are prevented.
  • Gingival aesthetics involving no side effects are very important for a healthy and successful result.
  • Flop operation is performed in cases requiring intensive surgical intervention, if needed in the removal of tartars and inflamed tissue, which is important for gingival aesthetics.


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