A zygoma, i.e. cheekbone implant, is a procedure performed in persons suffering bone loss not allowing a standard dental implant in the maxilla.

In patients with bone loss on maxilla (upper jaw), zygoma implant can be applied onto the area where the implant will be applied. The process of lifting the sinus floor and applying the bone grafts is a time-consuming and laborious treatment. Zigoma implants look like regular implants and are longer than they are. They are inserted under general or local anesthesia.

What are the advantages and possible side effects?

The lost upper jaw bone of the patient is restored to its normal functions, thanks to the zygomatic implants and the patient’s quality of life will improve.

It is a treatment performed by experienced surgeons, by using extensive navigation techniques. It is preferred due to high success rate in patients undergoing extensive resections of premaxilla, caused by severe bone resorption, accidents and cancer disease, etc.

What are the points to pay attention after the operation?

Medications prescribed must be taken regularly after treatment and hot foods and drinks should be avoided for a few days. The dentist’s advices should be observed to avoid fractures in temporary prostheses.


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