Crochet-Attached Prosthesis

Crochet-attached prosthesis treatment is preferred in cases of excessive (high number of) missing teeth in removable prosthesis applications.

When and how is it applied?

With the metal hooks called “crochet”, the missing teeth are positioned by attaching onto the other teeth. Crotchet-attached prosthesis is used in case of high number of missing teeth or in the absence of molar teeth for anchorage.

The teeth made in the form of crochet-attached dentures, also known as partial hook-dentures, are attached onto existing teeth with metals called crochets.

Crochet-attached dentures that never decay create a pleasant look during smile.

What is Precision Attachment Prosthesis Treatment? When and how is it applied?

Precision attachment prosthesis (denture) is applied to the persons who do not feel comfortable with dental prosthesis aesthetically.

Precision attachment prosthesis treatment is preferred in cases a number of teeth exist healthily. Precision attachment prostheses, which are anchored by bolts and blades placed behind existing teeth, are removable prostheses. It is advantageous over crochet-attached prostheses since no metal is visible from outside. Removable dentures are easy to clean. Lack of tooth is no more problem aesthetically and intraoral functions are restored.


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