Immediate Implant Application

(Tooth Extraction Followed by Immediate Implant)

Implants, used as alternatives that are the most suitable to the structure of natural tooth, are applied very easily today. Titanium screws that are placed in the gap of the lost tooth and serve as the dental root are embedded in the jaw bone of the patient on the very same day to restore the lost aesthetics and functionality.

What is Immediate Implant Application?

It is a treatment method that combines tooth extraction and implant application in the same session. A procedure performed under local anaesthesia without any aches and pains. The patients are discharged on the same day with their new teeth.

When and How is it applied?

Immediate implant, which is usually applied for the anterior teeth, is applied without the need to wait after the tooth extraction. In normal conditions, implant application can be started 1.5 – 2 months after the tooth extraction. Immediate implant treatment begins with rapid implant application on the day when the tooth is extracted. It is highly preferred as a method that shortens the waiting time.

The patient’s mouth structure is scanned with a 3D scanner. Implant type and quality are determined. The implant is placed in the patient’s jaw bone under local anesthesia on the same day. The patient is sent home with new teeth on the same day, once fitted with temporary fixed on top.

How long does the treatment take?

Because tooth extraction cannot be performed in cases of traumatic tooth extractions or acute infections, these problems need to be fixed first. An intermediate implant is a surgical intervention that requires experience. In the immediate implant application, which is also known as early implant placement, the duration of treatment varies according to the number of implants to be applied. Depending on the quality of the bone, the healing process is 2-4 months.

What are the Pros and Cons?

    • It is a method in which the implant is placed in the same session, if permitted by the quality and mass of the bone.
    • For those with dental phobia, it is advantageous as a one-session treatment.
    • The patient is sent home with temporary tooth on the same day.
    • Bone loss is prevented.
    • It is a short-term procedure, with no aches and pains.
    • The patient returns to daily routine on the same day as it is not required to wait the healing time for tooth extraction.
    • Healthy and permanent teeth are enjoyed for many years without any problems.
    • There is no disadvantage in immediate implant application which prevents the patient from remaining toothless.

What are the possible problems?

If there is any bone insufficiency in the area where the implant will be applied, bone powder is applied on the area. The quality of the implant and the experience of the dentist are crucial. With the temporarily fixed tooth, the patient can feed on soft foods. It is recommended to use ice compresses against swelling or possible pain, and the medication prescribed by the dentist should be used regularly. The patient undergoes an easy-going and comfortable treatment process with the immediate implant applied, without the need for a second surgical procedure.


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