Missing teeth is a problem both in health and aesthetics. With the rapidly developing technology, the treatment methods used in modern dentistry have now changed. With the titanium screw systems on which prosthetics are made, missing teeth are completed without damaging the neighboring teeth. The dental implant, which functions like a tooth root, adapts the prosthesis to the mouth and creates a use in natural dental comfort.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Positioned in the center of the face, the mouth and teeth are the parts of the body, where even the smallest blemishes grab attention. Surgical applications performed in the mouth, teeth and jaw area, aesthetically or functionally, are the operations and surgeries performed as part of the maxillofacial surgery unit.

Periodontology (Gingival Diseases)

Periodontal diseases account for the majority of tooth losses in adults. When diagnosed early, treatment is easy and the result is highly successful. It is deals with a wide range of areas from gingival (gum) diseases and inflammation to the loss of jawbone and advanced infections.

Endodontics (Canal Treatment)

Endodontics is a treatment applied in the cases of dead, almost dead and damaged nerve (Pulp) or inflamed tooth pulp. Endodontology or Endodontics, one of the applications used for dental health, is used to restore the damaged or inflamed tooth.

Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry)

A Latin term, “Pedodontics”, consists of the words “pedo” meaning “child” and “donti” meaning tooth”. It is a department of pediatric dentistry, in which protective measures are far important.

Aesthetic Dentistry

The applications of aesthetic dentistry, one of the methods used by many people, have become so diversified today. Thanks to the ever-developing technology, the functionality of aesthetic dentistry has expanded and the number of aesthetic applications, among other remedial methods, have increased in order to make the individuals have a better smile.

Prosthesis (Dentures)

The teeth, which are very important for a healthy life, are lost for many reasons. While tooth caries can occur as a result of failure to pay attention to cleanliness, tooth loss happens due to accidents or other reasons. Dental prosthesis, which is popularly known as denture or removable tooth, is the most preferred treatment among dental treatments, owing to a wide range of options, as removable or fixed dentures.


A Greek term, “Orthodontics”, is composed of the words “ortho” meaning straight and “odons” meaning tooth. It is the branch of dentistry which treats irregular, crooked or misaligned teeth.

Today, many methods are used in the treatment of orthodontic problems. After the examination, the most appropriate treatment is determined according to the orthodontic treatment needed for the patient.


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