The VDW Reciproc Gold Device, which is used in canal treatment, facilitates the work of doctors and patients, as a device with several advantages.

VDW Reciproc Gold Device is a functional device with 15 different torque and rotation settings and 10 different NiTi filing system options. It is developed for reciprocation purposes. Owing to “Dr’s Choice” program, rotational settings can be uploaded personally.

The VDW Reciproc Gold Device, which is used for canal treatment with a single file, has an excellent angle for the preparation of a single canal.

Having a number of advantages, VDW Reciproc Gold Device is preferred for canal treatment as a state-of-the-art product.

It has automatic stop feature in case of file jamming and safety adjustment features that minimize the risk of snapping.

Torque and speed settings are changed, saving the time as a multifunctional device.

Fitted with an audio arnng feature, high-quality Sirona 6: 1 contra-angle anguldurva is perfect for safe endodontic applications.

It has a pedal-free mode and can operate while charging.

No file change is required during treatment.

The treatment time is considerably shortened.

It minimizes the risk and rate of making mistakes, owing to its feature to shorten the procedure.


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