Endodontics (Canal Treatment)

Endodontics is a treatment applied in the cases of dead, almost dead and damaged nerve (Pulp) or inflamed tooth pulp. Endodontology or Endodontics, one of the applications used for dental health, is used to restore the damaged or inflamed tooth.

What is Endodontics?

A department dealing with the root canal treatments, endodontics is a method of treatment that prevents tooth loss by repairing and recovering the tooth and thus restoring it to its former form. The damaged tooth pulp is removed, cleaned, disinfected and closed once re-filled.

When are Endodontic Treatments Applied?

This is a type of treatment applied in the case of deep dental cavities, cracked or split tooth due to impact on mouth or teeth, or inflammation of the tooth. If the pulp is alive, the treatment is completed in one session, and in two sessions if the pulp is dead.

Tooth layers from outside to inside; hard textured enamel layer, cement layer covering the root part under the gingiva and the dentin layer containing nerve tips. There is the dental pulp under the dentin layer. Dental pulp involving the vein and nerves play an important role in the growth and development of the tooth. Tooth pulp is referred to as the pain mechanism.

What is the Advantages?

When the teeth were decayed, became painful or damaged, the treatment that would come to mind in the first place was tooth extraction. Today, however, tooth loss is prevented by endodontics and the teeth do not lose their functionality as they can be restored. Contrary to popular belief, endodontics is a painless and smooth operation, which involves a couple of sessions of treatment and further extends the life of the tooth treated. Root canal treatment should not be postponed since it will cause loss of tooth to delay the treatment, thinking that canal treatment would kill the tooth.

What are the Possible Problems During Endodontic Treatment?

Performed under local anesthesia, endodontics is a completely painless and easy procedure. It may cause discomfort for a few days after the operation. When performed by a qualified endodontist, it is a highly successful treatment and the results are clearly predicted. Following a properly performed endodontics, no inflammation or pain develops later on. If the tooth is alive, the incision opened by the doctor at the tip of the root for canal treatment can cause slight pain under pressure for a few days. There will be no excessive or severe pain.


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