Ceramic Bracket

Also the ceramic brackets are preferred in orthodontic treatment owing to their transparency.

This is a transparent and less visible bracket type. A little bit larger but more aesthetic in color.

When and how is it applied?

It is used for correcting the misaligned, irregular and crooked teeth. After the initial examination, the treatment plan becomes clear. If there is cavities in the teeth, filling is done and gingival disorders are treated. A custom ceramic bracket is designed for the patient and glued onto the teeth.

What are the advantages?

  • It is the choice of those involving in social environments, as it is hardly seen owing to its transparency.
  • It is aesthetical.

What are the possible problems?

The duration of the treatment can be longer as it causes more friction. Due to its fragile/brittle structure, it should be used with care. The teeth should be brushed well during the treatment. Otherwise, the stains around the tooth will be reflected more, due to its transparent structure.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of treatment is much longer compared to the metal brackets giving results in 8-24 months approximately.

The lingual brackets attached on the inner side of the tooth are preferred aesthetically by those in public eye.


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