Teeth bleaching (whitening) treatment in dental aesthetics is a procedure applied by dentists on teeth that have stained or discoloured for several reasons.

The natural color of the tooth disappears over time and the teeth begin to turn yellow. It is the process of removing organic and inorganic substances formed in porous enamel layer on tooth surface.

What are the types of teeth bleaching? (Home Type- Clinical Type)

Home and clinical bleaching methods are used in teeth whitening. Home-type whitening is a whitening application performed at home, which includes the use of custom-made transparent trays prepared by the dentist and tooth whitening procedure using the gels rubbed inside these trays.

In clinical type whitening, tooth color can be decoloured by up to 3-4 shades with whitening gel and light applications.

What are the pros and cons?

The greatest advantage of tooth whitening, which does not involve any complications, is that it help to get an aesthetic smile. The teeth which have been stained for several reasons in the course of time are decoloured and the patient enjoys a more confident life with an aesthetic smile in his/her social life.


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