Sinus lifting is the process of eliminating the bone loss caused by sagging sinus cavities.

The maxillary located above the upper jaw is the anatomical cavities near the molars, which are responsible for producing sound and reducing head weight. The sagging which occurs in the sinus cavities causes bone loss. These losses, which are accepted as a natural process, constitute a problem for implant treatment. Sinus grafting, i.e. sinus augmentation, refers to the process of filling these cavities and making the toothless areas suitable for implant treatment. Following the sinus grafting applied under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, the loss of teeth in the maxillary posterior region is rendered suitable for implant treatment.

What are points to pay attention after the operation?

After the sinus lifting operation, protected the wound area for 24 hours and make sure you eat on the other side. Strictly, no food or drink must be taken in the first 2 hours, no pressure must be applied during nose cleaning and the mouth must not be kept open while sneezing.


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