Periodontology (Gingival Diseases)

Periodontal diseases account for the majority of tooth losses in adults. When diagnosed early, treatment is easy and the result is highly successful. It is deals with a wide range of areas from gingival (gum) diseases and inflammation to the loss of jawbone and advanced infections.

What is periodontology?

Periodontology, which is a division of dentistry, is a science that investigates the diseases occuring in the soft and hard tissues surrounding the teeth and treats these diseases, ensuring the continuity of the healthy result achieved. The tooth surface and bones consist of hard tissues and the gums consist of soft tissues. Periodontal health, which is crucial for overall general body health, means the health of the soft and hard tissues surrounding the teeth.

Periodontal diseases, which play an important role in the development of many diseases and problems including heart and lung diseases, diabetes, preterm birth / low birth weight, etc., are treated in 3-6 months depending on the degree of the disease.

What treatments are applied in periodontology?

In the gum diseases that begin with the accumulation of microbial dental plaque on the tooth surface, between the teeth and the joint unction gum, the treatment starts with the removal of microbial dental plaque. Although tartar (scale) removal is sufficient in simple gingivitis, periodontal surgery will be performed under local anesthesia for more severe infections. Biomaterials such as bone dust and membranes are used to treat cavities due to bone resorption. Enlarged gums are removed painlessly and smoothly with the state-of-the-art technology devices.

White and smooth teeth are not enough for an aesthetic smile. Harmony of tooth and gum, along with gum health, is also very important.

The problems such as bleeding gums during tooth brushing, red, swollen and sensitive gums, constant bad breath, gums easily separating and drawing apart from the teeth, inflammatory discharge between teeth and gums, loose teeth, independently moving lower and upper teeth during biting, etc. are an indication of periodontal diseases. It is extremely important that those who experience one or more of these conditions see a dentist as soon as possible.

Treatments in Periodontology


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